Why Your Cat Needs A Cat Tree

Why Your Cat Needs A Cat Tree

Every kid loves a tree house. Your cat is a like a child to you, so why wouldn’t you want to give her the toy of her dreams? Cat trees, cat tree houses, kitty condos – they go by various names – but they all mean fun for kitty. They fill a cat’s desire to sleep, scratch, claw, play and explore. They’re usually easy to assemble and take up little space in a corner of your home or apartment.


How many times have you “lost” your cat inside your own home? They love to hide in tight, cozy, out-of-sight places. Often you find her in the same spot. A cat tree house will give her a place of her own. Many cat trees come with at least one “cabin”, or enclosed sleeping area. Some come with hammocks or perches with edges for snoozing in the open. All are carpeted or covered in faux fur or faux fleece so they are cozy for your furry little friend. Some come with removable, washable plush beds or you can add one of your own.

Exercise and Play

Accessories like dangling mice, spring balls and hanging ropes provide hours of entertainment. Some tress with multiple levels, ladders and ramps are aptly labeled “kitty gyms.” These are great for homes with multiple cats that love chasing each other and playing hide and seek.


All cat tree houses come with scratching posts that double as the columns that hold the various platforms. Some have curvy slide-like scratching surfaces or scratching ramps. Most scratching surfaces are covered in sisal, however, some are covered in carpet. Whatever the size or shape of the scratching surfaces, cats love them and you’ll love that your furniture is not the recipient of said scratching.

Features to consider

Cat trees can be as tall as eight feet so you’ll want to measure you ceiling before buying or ordering. Some have tops that extend to a custom size and secure to your ceiling for stability. If this is the kind you prefer, look for one that attaches to ceiling with pressure. It will be much easier to install and will not require hardware or fasteners that damage the ceiling.

Faux fur-covered models come in a variety of colors and patterns including paw prints and leopard print. Carpeted models tend to stand up to wear better and are generally sold in neutral colors to match your decor.

Sturdier models of cat trees are available with larger platforms for fat felines or rambunctious kitties to prevent tipping. If your cat is older or has limited mobility you can find models with levels that are closer together and with horizontal scratching surfaces.

Where to Find Them

Basic models of cat tree houses can be purchased at pet stores, but if you want to give your feline a little more to explore, you can find many models available from online stores that specialize in cat furniture. Ranging in price from $40 to $400 you’re sure to find a model that’s right for you, your cat and your space.

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