Three Tips to Stop Cat’s Scratching Habit

Three Tips to Stop Cat’s Scratching Habit

The cats use their claws for scratching for a variety of reason. They may be scratching objects for communication or marking territory. The cats show the tendency to scratch in the same area for a period of time. Scratching of cats have nothing unusual to it and is quite natural. Scratching also has some benefits for the cat; it helps to keep the nails healthy and removes the old layers of nail present on the nails of the cat.

The suitable method to stop cat scratching is providing a scratching post and teaching him how to use it. Scratching is instinctive to cats and is difficult to stop it completely. But providing a scratching post makes it possible to provide satisfaction for the cat as well as will not damage any valuable items in the house. Scratching valuable items like furniture or carpets in the house is that causes frustration to the cat. If the cat is directed to scratching this unacceptable scratching stops. The aim of the owner must not be stopping scratching but to stop scratching on everything that the cat see around.

There is certain taste in scratching for the cat. Some cats like to scratch in soft things while some prefers hard items. Some cats need to scratch on things of certain type at certain type. So the likes of the cat must be considered before designing the scratching post. The post must be chosen such a way that it will not get damaged after some scratching. Scratching posts made of wood will not get damaged quite easily and most cats like scratching it.

The scratch post must have the enough for the cat to stretch out fully when using it. This will give an opportunity exercise the muscles of the cat. The cat should be made aware that the post is only place that it should scratch.

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