DIY Cat Tree Plans, Your Secret Weapon For Making A Fun Carpeted Cat Tree And Saving Money

DIY Cat Tree Plans, Your Secret Weapon For Making A Fun Carpeted Cat Tree And Saving Money

Gonna build your own cat tree? Then you need DIY Cat Tree Plans. They will turn what could be a frustrating and expensive chore into a fun project that will save you a bundle of money.

DIY Cat Tree Plans vs. Winging It

Ladies, you need to take charge here. Let’s face it most guys think they don’t need plans to build something like a cat tree. Ok, they don’t think they need plans or instructions for most anything… LOL. Remember your fella struggling for 2 hours to get the wheels on the bike last Christmas?

Yes, you get my meaning and yes, your significant other can probably cobble together something for the cats to climb on all by themselves. But will it be something you will want to proudly display in your living room?

True story… My friend had been complaining that the cats needed a kitty tower or a scratching post for a while. One day she threatened to go buy one and her husband said not to worry about it he’d put something together while she was at work.

Well, sure enough, when she got home he’d put “something” together for the cats but it didn’t resemble the cat condo she’d been dreaming of. Oh, no… My friend was horrified to discover her husband had screwed some scrap carpet to the wall and was calling it a kitty scratching post. Yes, he was actually proud of what he’d done.

That is the danger of “winging it”. You will end up with a sorry mess in your living room that may not even be safe for the cats!

On the other hand, if she’d given him a set of plans things could have turned out much differently. Step-by-step instructions, cut out diagrams and shopping lists make it easy to build amazing cat furniture that you’ll be as proud to display as your cats will be happy to climb and play on.

DIY Cat Furniture Advise for Fellas

Come on guys. If you are over the age of 18 you have gotta know the ladies in your life don’t want to put a sloppy eye-sore in their house just because you made it for them. They want something that matches the color scheme of the home and will look nice as well as function as a playground for the cats.

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