Cat Trees – Kitties Love Them

Cat Trees – Kitties Love Them

Kitties love their toys, and they can give your furniture a break from scratch marks and fur. Most have some sort of scratching post built in and your cat can also climb around and play on it. Sometimes they hide in their “tree fort” and watch people stroll by, allowing them to mimic their natural state as a predator.

Cat trees often come as part of a cat tree. Sometimes if you have 2 or more cats they can snuggle together or take turns lying on top. Some are very elaborate some simple; they come in various styles and colors and range from simple cylinders to intricate and interwoven tubes.

Felines love a feeling of security, which the trees can provide; comfortable and private hiding places away from the bustle of their outside world. They can also be an activity center for your kitty’s entertainment and give the indoor cat exercise while you are away. When watching your cat or cats go crazy playing on the cat tree it can be quite entertaining for the owners as well.

Luckily for owners, cat trees fall within an acceptable price range; they can run from about thirty dollars to over an hundred, and they are worth it with all the advantages they offer to you and your pets. The important thing to remember is that you and your cat should both enjoy the structure, both as a design and a decoration.

When purchasing cat trees, make sure the platform is heavy and wide, providing good support and stability for active play. The construction should be of strong, sturdy materials to withstand the weight of your kitties, and stand up to heavy usage. It should be covered carpet, to provide something to grip while playing, and be cozy is in hiding or sleeping, kitties that get used to sleeping in the cat tree leave less fur all around the house.

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