Cat Trees and Scratching Posts – How to Stop Your Cats From Destroying Your Furniture

Cat Trees and Scratching Posts – How to Stop Your Cats From Destroying Your Furniture

Like it or not…cats scratch- and one of reasons is to sharpen their claws – and that can be a disaster for your furniture carpets and drapes.

If you have just adopted a new kitten or cat the first thing you need to take care of to protect your property is getting him a cat tree or scratching post and start training him to look at it as his property and his plaything.

By providing your cat with something that he regards as his he is more than likely to leave your furniture alone saving you a lot of money and frustration.

There are many different types of cat trees and scratching posts in the market place, but if your cat is an indoor pet then you may want to consider a cat tree that has a number of levels which he can climb up, and little cubby holes he can curl up into and go to sleep, also make sure that the unit you purchase is well balanced and has a good sisal type rope that the cat can use to scratch on for a long time.

Cats love to be in high positions so if you can and its not too hot, place the cat tree near a window where he can watch the world go by and feel safe.

If your cat continues to use some of your furniture as a scratching post, quickly pick it up and place it on its cat tree or post…the cat will quickly get the idea, and if your cat has found himself a particularly delicious piece of furniture which he insists on sharpening his claws on you may want to consider buying a small scratching post just for that area.

Cats are highly intelligent animals and the more time you spend training them the sooner the cat will learn that it has its own area where it can scratch and the sooner your furniture will be safe from happy claws.

Even if your cat is an outdoor pet chances are that when he comes inside he will view certain parts of your furniture as his and give himself permission to scratch to his little hearts content, as far as he is concerned its really none of your business, he is the boss – right? – I know… I had this problem but I solved it by buying a couple of extra cat posts and strategically placing them next to the furniture pieces that he loved to scratch.

5 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Cat Tree or Scratching Post

The cat tree is at least 2-3 levels high…

Make sure that the tree is sturdy…if you have more than one cat the tree needs to take at least sixty pounds of cat at any one time.

The tree has a nice soft but hard wearing cover for the cat/cats to lay on.

The scratching post has a good quality sisal rope that will be very long lasting.

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