Build Your Own Cat Tree – Ideas and Plans

Build Your Own Cat Tree – Ideas and Plans

Your cat needs a cat tower doesn’t she? She’s climbing the curtains and you out of boredom. You’ve seen those fancy cat towers at the pet stores and seen how expensive they are as well. You’re wondering if you could build your own cat tree instead of buying one aren’t you? With some basic woodworking skills and lumber and carpet scraps you may already have lying around the workshop you can build your own cat tree without breaking the bank.

Take a look at the cat towers in the pet store and some of the ones online to get some inspiration. Get some ideas from them as to what you’d like for your own cat tower. While you’re in the planning stage its OK to imagine a cat climbing tower that takes up the whole wall and has lots of platforms and other neat stuff. Let your imagination run wild.

Now that you’ve gotten that out of your system lets take a look at reality. Take a look at where you want to put your cat tree. Measure the space you’ve got available. How big a cat tree will fit there? One post floor to ceiling? Small platform close to the floor? Want to fill up the whole wall?

Basics that you need to consider. How many cats are in your household? Do they share space? A cat climbing tower needs to have a stable base at least one platform to perch on. Everything after that is added excitement. As you plan to build your own cat tree also take a look at what materials you have on hand. What do you need to buy for this project?

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