A DIY Cat Tree Is A Great First Time Project

A DIY Cat Tree Is A Great First Time Project

The DIY bug can strike at any time and a DIY cat tree is just the thing for handy cat lovers. A simple yet highly useful project that the whole family can help with is just what the doctor ordered. Making your own cat furniture will be a blast and save you a ton of money.

DIY Cat Tree Plans Make It Easy

Inexperienced do-it-yourselfers often think they don’t need plans to make beautiful, unique cat furniture. Wrong… nothing could be further from the truth.

These unfortunate folks have a picture of what they want to make in their heads and they think that will be enough to get the job done. Sadly, what they usually end up with is an ugly eye-sore. They’ll end up spending a ton of time and money on something they don’t like and could be down right unsafe for their pets too.

Do not fall into this trap. Especially when you are new to the DIY universe, a good set of plans will make all the difference in the world to your finished project.

Plans make getting the finished look you want easy because they’ll guide you each step of the way with tons of pictures as well as written instructions and diagrams. Be sure yours include tons of pictures and diagrams as well as a complete materials list that takes into account your design decisions.

With Tips on purchasing materials and carpet, details on what kind of tools you need as well as part layouts and cut diagrams your first DIY project will be completed without a hitch.

Building A DIY Cat Tree Is Fun For The Whole Family
Making something cool for your kitties to play on is a great project to do with your kids. It will be exciting for them to work with you. Kids love to do stuff with mom and dad. Especially a real “grown-up” project. And knowing it’s for their favorite furballs will only make it that much more fun.

Because of all the pictures provided in your DIY plans even the smallest child will be able to follow along and help out. This is good practice for them on how to follow instructions. They will have a blast creating a fun playground for their kitty friends and they’ll enjoy watching and playing with the cats on the finished project too.

DIY Cat Gym Plans Save You Money

Cool family projects can be hard to come by when money is as tight as it is these days. But using diy cat tree plans to make a unique cat condo or tower will kill two birds with one stone. It gives you something fun to do with your kids AND you’ll make get the kitty jungle gym you’ve always wanted for at a tiny fraction of the price it would cost you to purchase it ready made.

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